Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Answer To Everything

Ok so I'm now halfway through When Everything Changes Change Everything by Neale Donald Walsch, which I started talking about in Room for Change. Well, things are hotting up and I feel compelled to share some of the wisdom I've learned so far.

The book is about changing the way you experience change and I find it so fascinating. One of the important techniques he talks about is Noticing The Moment. This seems to be a philosophy that crops up in so many different approaches, i.e. living in the present, being in the now, etc., but it's so much easier to say than do!

The core of the book focuses on the Line of Causality:

event + data + truth + thought + emotion = experience = reality

So, an event happens, you add to it your past data (judged or factual), then your inner truth (either Imagined Truth, Apparent Truth or Actual Truth), which produces a thought which leads to an emotion which creates your experience which gives you your reality (either Distorted Reality, Observed Reality or Ultimate Reality depending on which inner truth you apply).

So, basically, if you can change your inner truth, you can change your thought and therefore your emotion. Which means - we choose our emotions!! And that's hard enough to get your head around but I think it's true. And of course the line is actually a circle because your reality feeds into events and it just keeps going round and round.

All of this information is looked at in great detail within Part 1 of the book, The Mechanics of the Mind. I've just started reading Part 2, The System of the Soul, which will apparently give me the tools to put these techniques in place. I've also just discovered the 2 most important sentences of the book (apparently), which are The Life-Altering Question and The Answer to Everything. But I'm not going to tell you what they are, as you should read the rest of the book if you want to find out! I'm not on commission (honest), I just don't think they'll have quite the same effect unless you've read the book first. So, get reading!

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